Gurugram: Dumping of waste at green belt causes serious issues in Sec 18

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 29, 2019

The city of Gurugram has its fair share of problems when it comes to environment issues. On of these problems is dumping of waste in huge quantities at place where it should not be supposed to be dumped.

In one such incident, huge dumping of garbage was reported from the Cabinet Sectt campus at plot number 89/A in Sector 18 near the Delhi-Jaipur Highway.

Aman Chawla, who is a resident of Sector 92 and is an environmental activist and nature lover said, “The hawkers dump garbage in green belt. As a result, the area has totally been ruined. Further, burning of garbage worsened the situation as it leads to air pollution in the area.” 

“I have lodged complaints on the Swacch Bharat App few times in the past but there has been a minimal impact. No actions have been taken on the hawkers. Cleaning activities have not been carried out. Air quality has also worsened and people are finding it difficult to breathe,” Chawla said.

“The place has become a major breeding spot for pigs and this could lead to harmful diseases like Swine Flu and other diseases as well. The government needs to ensure proper waste management so that the environment doesn’t get imbalanced,” he added.

The environment activist informed that the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) do send their staffs from time to time but the problem resurfaces all over again.

“Why can't the MCG and the government get a permanent solution to the issue of waste dumping. There should be a proper manner in which the waste should be dumped. There is not just huge piles of waste but also carcasses of dead animals,” he added.

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