You just can't trash this news, GMC
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You just can't trash this news, GMC

Posh Ghaziabad neighbourhood cries fowl over missing dustbins.

You just can't trash this news, GMC

The air of posh Chiranjiv Vihar in Ghaziabad reeks of garbage.

In the absence of bins or dumpyards, garbage collectors gather trash from residences only to toss it on road sides.

“There're no garbage disposal provisions in sectors like 2, 7 and 8 which are adjacent to Chiranjiv Vihar," said Dr RK Tyagi, President, RWA Chiranjiv Vihar.

Tyagi claimed that despite numerous complaints to Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC), no action has been taken.

However, speaking to City Spidey, RK Yadav, Health Officer, GMC, denied receiving any complaint.

“Sector representatives have not raised this issue with us," Yadav said, "But now that we are aware of the problem, we will inspect the area soon and clear the garbage. Dustbins will be provided,” he assured.