NGT bans construction of eco park in Surajpur wetlands

By Mukhram Singh
Photo: Mukhram Singh
Posted: May 31, 2016

The National Green Tribunal has banned the construction of an ecological park in the wetlands of Surajpur in Greater Noida.

Vikrant Tongad, a social activist, had petitioned to the NGT to stop the construction of the ecological park in this area. He had claimed that the project will have adverse effects on the flora and fauna in the wetland. In his petition, he had also said that trees were being cut in the construction work.

The plan to construct an ecological park was a joint venture between the forest department and the Greater Noida Authority. They had planned to make an eco hotel, a meditation centre and a Yoga centre to attract tourists. Surajpur boasts of 339 acres of forest area, which includes 60 acres of wetland.

Meanwhile, Deepak Agarwal, CEO of Greater Noida Authority, said, “We cannot react (to the order) as we have not received a copy of the NGT order yet.”

The forest department has also not received the order yet. MP Upadhyay, a senior officer in the forest department, said, “The forest department will be able to comment on this issue only when we get a copy of the order by the NGT.”


Photograph shows the flora and fauna in an area of Surajpur wetlands in Greater Noida.

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