RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Fauna dying a slow death in Dwarka, prompt action needed'

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 30, 2019

The population of animals starts to decrease with the development of a particular region as it leaves less space for their habitation. In the case of Delhi's Dwarka, it is becoming more difficult for such creatures to adjust and survive as the sub-city is ever expanding with the construction of residential societies, shopping complexes, and other structures.

To explain the situation in a better way, let me give you some examples. The population of wild hare in Sector 23 district park, Dwarka, was good till the year 2010 but sadly, these fell prey to the stray dogs as grassland cum forest area was converted into an urban park.

Besides, the area had witnessed the death of animals, reptiles, and birds like monitor lizards, blue bulls, peacocks in the last few years, which are an essential part of this well-planned city. 

Being surrounded by villages, open spaces, and agricultural lands, Dwarka is developing with each passing year but unfortunately, the development is taking place at the cost of fauna.

Being an environmental activist and a resident of the area, I would like to make an appeal to the civic bodies concerned to take immediate and fruitful steps in order to protect these species, give them their space to live and breathe as refraining from it would result in their gradual extinction!


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