Mahindra Aura: Residents miffed with Ecogreen for not initiating services

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 31, 2019

Since the time local waste collector discontinued services, waste management has become a serious issue at Mahindra Lifespace Aura in Gurugram. To find a sustainable solution, they approached the waste collection company Ecogreen. But, despite several attempts, the company has not started picking up waste from the society. 

It has left the residents miffed. They have no other option but to appoint independent individuals for waste pick up from the society. 

According to Chavi Lal Das, who is a facilities manager at the society, “We had locals picking up the waste from our society in the past but we had approached Ecogreen for the same after they quit.”

He added, “Ecogreen had told us that they will be charging us according to the sizes of the flats.  Rs 100 for 4Bhk and Rs 50 for 2Bhk.  We had no issue with the deal.  But even after this, they haven’t visited the society even for a single day.”

Das said that local waste collectors charged them around Rs 1,000-1,100 for one trip and that is normally for collection of 3-4 days of waste. He continued by saying that they are currently paying double cost and taking services from Ecogreen would save them a lot of money.

RWA President of the society, Yashesh Yadav said, “Ecogreen is acting really unprofessionally even after we are ready to pay them their charges. We are forced to pay more to local waste collectors because waste collection is a mandatory job. Where will the common man go?”

According to Surendu Kumar, the general manager of Ecogreen, “We can’t go to the society until and unless they have any kind of memorandum of understanding with us.”

When asked about the MoU, Das said, “For any kind of memorandum of understanding, they need to come to meet us. They’ve never approached us for this.  How are we supposed to do any MOU without meeting them.”

However, Kumar assured that he will talk to the staffs and look into the matter.

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