Greater Noida West will soon have its first sewage treatment plant

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Posted: Jun 01, 2019

If all goes according to the plan, Greater Noida West will soon have its first sewage treatment plant (STP). The proposal for this much-needed development was approved by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) in its board meeting on Friday.

According to officials, the project will be developed in multiple phases. On the basis of success of one, others will be developed with advanced mechanism. In its first phase, STP will be set up in Sector 1 in Greater Noida West with a capacity of 80 MLD.

The project, said the official, will cost around Rs 150 crore and will be based on modern Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) and the authority will use the treated water for irrigation and construction purposes. The authority has set a deadline to make this project operational by 2022.

Another senior official in Greater Noida Authority, told City Spidey that the process to receive tenders for the project will be completed soon. He added that the rising population and their efforts to maintain the wide greenbelt area in Greater Noida require the development to be completed at the earliest.

“Our purpose is not just to set up an STP but also to make it purposeful. We aim to maintain it for a long duration, therefore, we will proceed step by step and upgrade the system. A detailed study is being done by the department on testing of soil and location. We have to ensure that the place identified for the project does not fall under the flood zone otherwise the entire plant and money invested on it will be worthless,” he said.

He further elaborated that if all goes according to the plan, the plant will be upgraded to a capacity of 246 MLD. The entire sewage lines will be connected with the plant to ensure that sewage is not flowing into open areas.

“We have also planned to generate electricity using methane gas generating from it,” he added.

The official accepted that maintaining the wide green belt of the area has been a challenging task for the authority. However, he was of the view that the treated water from STP will be used to maintain the greenery. “It’s a long process and will take time to reach the main target. It needs thorough research. Once all systems are in place and STP made operational, infrastructure will be required to transfer treated water to its place of utilisation,” he added.

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