Even as heaps of garbage grow, MCG blames residents for Gurugram’s waste woes
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Even as heaps of garbage grow, MCG blames residents for Gurugram’s waste woes

City Spidey talks to senior sanitation inspector (SSI) of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, Rishi Malik, on why the streets in Gurugram are turning into a dumpyard.

Even as heaps of garbage grow, MCG blames residents for Gurugram’s waste woes

Continuous unabated dumping of garbage and construction waste at every nook and corner of Gurugram has become one of the biggest challenges for its residents. Tall claims of the authorities saying that the problem is under control notwithstanding, the residents have resorted to Twitter to share their grievances.

Images shared by residents of streets strewn with garbage across the city paint a sad state of affairs. The residents say that heaps of garbage can be spotted alongside roads and even on footpaths.

City Spidey recently met senior sanitation inspector (SSI) Rishi Malik who talked about the various efforts taken by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) to achieve better waste disposal in the city and what are the biggest challenges faced by them.


Q: Why has garbage disposal and waste management become such a big problem in Gurugram?  

A: Gurugram is a very big city. Although we are taking several steps, still we have a long way to go. The residents of Gurugram, both living in societies as well as nearby villages, lack basic civic sense, which is making the situation worse.


Q: Why even after repeated complaints nothing concrete has been done about illegal dumping of garbage?

A: We always take prompt action on any such complaint but the problem is that people are undeterred. The residents need to understand that it is not just the duty of MCG and other civic authorities to keep the city clean. They also have to play their part.

We recently finished cleaning up of four wards (25, 31, 16 and 7) and will now proceed to clean up 10 more. We entered a contract with Eco Green for picking up of waste from the residential colonies. New garbage bins have been placed across the city so as to stop dumping of waste.


Q: Is Swachh Bharat being taken seriously?

A: Yes, it is. We aim to make Gurugram a garbage-free city but it is not an easy task. We have now started imposing fine on those found dumping waste at wrong places, or burning plastic and other waste.


Q: Is there a permanent solution to the garbage problem of the city?

A: There is, but it will take time. The MCG is working to find a permanent solution to the entire issue.


Q: And, what are these solutions?

A: We urge residents to help us work better by adhering to the rules. They should not only dispose garbage at designated places but also report any violations or offenders. We will take strict action against those found littering. Improved civic sense of the residents and continued efforts of MCG will surely help us achieve a clean Gurugram.