Red light jumping turns Dwarka intersections into death traps
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Red light jumping turns Dwarka intersections into death traps

Death and mayhem on the road are no deterrent on unruly commuters. Their risky behaviour has rendered intersections accident prone.

Red light jumping turns Dwarka intersections into death traps

Red light jumping has become menace in Dwarka. Be it Ashirvad Chowk, the chowk at Sectors 6/10/5/11, KM Chowk, Vivekanand Chowk or the crossing at Sector 3 police post, commuters are found routinely indulging in such traffic violation at major intersections putting their own safety and that of others in jeopardy.

Thanks to these acrobats on the road, almost all the intersections in the sub city are rendered accident prone. These traffic points have witnessed several major accidents that led to death and mayhem on the road in the past.

Cab drivers, minors and the water tankers, in particular, have earned the dubious distinction in the art of traffic jumping. They jump the red light with impunity. Notice boards installed by the police at these chowks, warning punitive action, including interception of the licences for violation, is of no avail. Commuters still go on with their wayward ways.

President of Ganpati Apartments and of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9, Advocate KS Bhati, said, "Red light jumping in the sub city has reached to alarming proportions. Many a time such violations lead to major road mishaps. Yet there is no deterrent on traffic violators. Traffic police should deal with the violators stringently.”

Recalling an accident that took place at the chowk of Sector 13/14 in which two bikers lost their lives, President of RWA Om Apartments, Sector 14 Rakesh Godara, said, "I saw a speeding car hitting them after jumping the red light in front of me. Both the bikers died on the spot. If the car driver had not jumped the red light, two young lives could have been saved. Such violation is very frequent at this chowk and at the crossing in front of the police chowki at Sector 3."

Residents want the traffic police to carry out a massive drive against the violators. They say prosecution alone can prove a deterrent on such traffic violations.

Sharing his experience on the road, a motorist of Daffodils Apartments, Dr Shailesh Kumar, said, "While escorting my children to school, I find it difficult to cross traffic signals. Following the rules is no guarantee of safety. You still run the risk of being hit by an errant vehicle. I face a challenge on my way to and from the school every day."

Dwelling on the subject, one of the traffic police officials, said, "We carry out drives against traffic rule violators across the sub city off and on. Some are prosecuted during such drives. Besides, we are run awareness campaigns in schools and community centres to spread about road safety.”

He assured us a survey of the aforementioned chowks and prosecution of any body found guilty of traffic violation.