Gurugram: Burning of garbage causes air pollution at Sec 65
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Gurugram: Burning of garbage causes air pollution at Sec 65

Recently, there have been continuous dumping of garbage in front of Sector 65 substation in Gurugram.

Gurugram: Burning of garbage causes air pollution at Sec 65

Day after day, the random dumping of garbage and its burning are getting rampant in Gurugram. There seems to be no stopping to these dumping of garbage and wastages. Sometimes, it also leads to fire causing serious damage to the environment. It contributes to the air pollution and pose serious threats to the health of residents.

Recently, there was a massive fire due to the burning of garbage in front of Sector 65 substation.

According to Surath Singh, who is an active resident of Ireo Uptown society and an avid environment lover. “Even after repeated complaints and follow ups, no action was taken on the dumping site which is right in front of the substation of Sector 65.”

He added, “This is not just our society or the area we live in, but the entire city of Gurgaon is in mess because of the dumping and the burning of waste.”

Singh further said, “There is ravaging fire every day. These fires are continuous threats to the nearby habitation and it is a big contributor to the already rampant pollution.”

“I request for help and assistance as soon as possible. I have been complaining about the issue since the  last 4-5 months now. The police must take a strict action against the people responsible for the dumping and the fires. I have complained to the Additional SHO of Sector 65 and also to the GMDA many times in the past,” Singh said.

According to the Additional SHO, Fateh Singh, “We have informed the MCG and their officials about the issue and once they will take some action, we will challan the culprits.”

According to Rajeev Singh Narbir, who is the GMDA CEO, “ We take action and we will again take action against the dumping of garbage. If any culprits are caught, we also will challan them.”