Crossings Republik: Panchsheel Wellington fined Rs 50,000 for not managing waste
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Crossings Republik: Panchsheel Wellington fined Rs 50,000 for not managing waste

A team of officials from the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation had found irregularities in waste disposal methods used by the developer of the society.

Crossings Republik: Panchsheel Wellington fined Rs 50,000 for not managing waste

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has levied a hefty fine of Rs 50,000 on the management of Panchsheel Wellington, a high-rise in Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, after finding irregularities in waste disposal methods in the society. The civic authority has given the management an ultimatum till Tuesday to pay the fine and file a reply.

The penalty has come after a team of officials from GMC had conducted an inspection of the society on May 17 on receiving multiple complaints from the residents. GMC had found that the society management is violating bye-laws of the Solid Waste Management Act, 2016 and Plastic Waste Management (amendment) Rules, 2018.

“For many months, we have been complaining to GMC about the terrible condition of waste management in the society,” said Sandeep Nigam, general secretary of AOA of the society.

“The waste collected in store room at the basement is not disposed regularly but after every two to three days. Because of this, the whole basement reeks of stench which even emanates till second and third floors. The basement stinks all the time even after the waste has been lifted,” told Nigam.

The society has eight towers with 24 floors and each floor has a common duct where garbage is thrown. The duct ends at a garbage collection room built in the basement. Each tower has a dedicated garbage collection duct and a collection room in the basement.

The maintenance of the society is still looked after by the builder.

Meanwhile, the residents claimed that the grim situation has created health hazard for them. Nigam told City Spidey due to the collection of waste for many days, the society is facing rats' menace. “Hundreds of rats roam in the society. They get into cars parked in the basement and cut wires. They get into our home and create a havoc,” he added.



Residents Claim Possibility of Plague

In a recent incident, Nigam said, as many as 15 rats were found from an eighth-floor apartment of the society. "While it's strange that rats managed to climb up till eighth-floor which generally they don't do, the stranger part is that there were more than a dozen rodents found from a single flat,” he added.

Meanwhile, the owner of the flat, Anil Bajpai, said that if the situation persists, a disastrous disease outbreak like plague could happen anytime. “Even after regular cleaning, these rats climb up through water pipes in search of food,” Bajpai said.

Bajpai also alleged apathy of the maintenance staff. "My mother and wife called maintenance department to send cleaning staff for help. However, the maintenance didn't send any help for three to four hours even after multiple complaints,” he alleged.

"Besides, the mosquitoes breeding due to the collection of waste pose health risk to the residents for diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya,” Nigam added.