DPC conducts workshop for solid waste management in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 03, 2019

Dwarka Progressive Club (DPC), a social organisation, on Monday conducted a workshop for solid waste management at Princess Park Apartments in Sector 6, Dwarka. 

In the workshop, the members of DPC made the residents aware about the management of solid and wet waste in better manner.

President of DPC, Urmila Sharma said that the workshop was organised to show the people how they could make a successful model of waste management at source level.

Sharma said that a successful model as pilot project was already launched at her society Delhi Journalist Association (DJA) Apartments in Sector 13. “We shared our success story and asked them to reciprocate the same at the Princess Park Apartments. We will be helping the residents and the management on this,” she said.

City Spidey had a talk with the secretary of Princess Park Apartments and got to know that the society had already been doing the waste segregation. It is now making the residents more aware through such workshops and other activities. 

Secretary of the society, RC Arora said, “We are doing waste segregation in our society. It is being carried out at the flat level. Corporation vehicles come and take it away. One more thing that we are planning is to make a dedicated room for the disposal so that it gets more streamlined.”

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