Every drop of water counts – these Dwarka residents make sure it does!
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Every drop of water counts – these Dwarka residents make sure it does!

Read about the smart ways recommended by these two residents for using the wastewater from RO purifiers in daily life.

Every drop of water counts – these Dwarka residents make sure it does! Madhu Dagar uses the waste water from RO to water plants

Installing RO water purifier at home has become a necessity for most of us. While we love the dramatically improved quality of water from these machines, it is hard to ignore the amount of water that goes to waste during the purification process.

On average, the wastewater from air purifiers exceeds the amount of water that is actually purified by around three times. The wastewater is largely unusable, not even recommended for bathing.

But there are still many ways in which you can make this water useful. One of it is to water your plants and keep your balcony gardens blooming.

This is exactly what these two residents of Dwarka been following for many years.

75-year-old Vipul Rani, a resident of Lovely Home Apartments in Sector 5, says that she uses discarded water from RO and air-conditioners to water more than a hundred plants in her terrace garden.

“I believe that every drop of water counts. By following these small steps, I end up saving about 60 to 70 litres of water every day that is used for plants. I have been following this practice for the last 12 years. While people wait for small large-scale steps to be taken by the authorities for environment safety purposes, I believe that each one should contribute in whatever tiny way they can,” said Rani.

Another passionate environment lover, Madhu Dagar, a resident of Crescent Apartments in Sector 18A, uses the waste water for watering plants and household chores.

“I simply store the wastewater, as it flows out, in buckets or containers and keeps around the sink to be used for cleaning of floors, washing utensils, and daily laundry. She said, “I have been doing this for the last six years. This is something that anyone can follow at home. Saving water gives me immense satisfaction. If everyone starts following this, I wonder how much water we would be able to save,” said Dagar.

It’s high time that every urban resident starts treating supplied water as a privilege and makes sure that every drop of it is saved.