Gurugram: People run out of patience due to frequent power cuts at Sushant Lok
Gurugram: People run out of patience due to frequent power cuts at Sushant Lok
Ankit Shah
Gurugram: People run out of patience due to frequent power cuts at Sushant Lok
Photo: City Spidey

Gurugram: People run out of patience due to frequent power cuts at Sushant Lok

Residents are miffed as they have been facing frequent power cuts at irregular times every day at Sushant Lok Phase 3 in Gurugram. This trend has been prevalent since many months now. According to the residents of the society, there has been constant power cuts mostly late at nights. 

Virendra Pratap Singh, a resident at Sushant Lok Phase 3 said, “The RWA has complained to the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) many times in the past but to no avail. We have been going through the same issue since the last few months now.”

He added, “Last night, there were three bouts of random power cuts between 10.30 pm and 1.30 pm. There was also a power cut at 4:30 am. It is scorching heat during the day time and now, at nights we are facing the same issue. We have complained to the builder as well as the DHBVN. They are playing blame games on each other.” 

“DHBVN claims that the builder (Ansal Builders) owes Rs 2 crore to them. The builder said that DHBVN is not working as per required efficiency. Why should the residents suffer because of a tiff between the builders and the DHBVN?” he said.

Ajay Pandit, the representative of the builder and director of Rigross Estate Networks Pvt Ltd said, “Sushant lok-2 and 3 was developed by Ansal Builders almost 20 years ago and as per the bye-laws prevalent that time, load norms/ sanctioned load to individual owners was less compared to what consumers are using nowadays.”

He further added, “Electrical breakdowns are due to insufficient infrastructure of DHBVN and internal load too. It needs upgradation from builder and electricity department too. Cost has to be borne by the end consumers and it will be based on what are the latest norms of the government for residential houses and commercial buildings.”

Pandit said that they have already applied for release of additional sanctioned load from DHBVN which they are not giving because of insufficient infrastructure like substations etc. He continued by saying that the government needs to rework, revamp and replan the electricity supply system in the whole city in order to tackle the ongoing problems of shutdowns and faults.

“Gurugram is basically a residential area for upper middle class people who have recently made economic progress and have started using high-end gadgets and govt has not matched the progress of consumers with the infrastructure for same. This is the main reason for it,” he concluded.

According to RN Agarwal, the executive engineer at DHBVN, “The builders haven’t given us maintenance charges and they haven’t paid us our dues which are close to Rs 50-55 crore. We can’t do anything until we get our dues. The Sushant Lok power supply has to be seen by Rigross Estate Networks Private Ltd and Ansal Builders.” 

He added, “In general, the power supply, which we give and the transformers we have, are not faulty but many homes overuse the air conditioners and that is the reason why electricity supply gets disrupted.”