Noida Authority officials reinspect 'illegal' parking lots in Supertech Capetown

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 06, 2019

A team of officials from the Noida Authority on Thursday reinspected alleged parking lots in Supertech Capetown, a high-rise residential apartment located in Sector 74.

The reinspection was done following the orders given by Indra Vikram Singh, CEO of the authority as the developer of the society claimed that the car parking lots are in accordance with the approved building plan.

He claimed this in a joint meeting held with the members from the developer's office, office-bearers of the Apartment Owner Welfare Association, Supertech Capetown and Noida Authority on Wednesday.

During the meeting, officials of the Noida Authority presented a detailed report of the inspection conducted around two weeks ago. According to the report, the developer had illegally converted open areas into car parking lots and was allegedly selling them to many residents of the society. 

But members from the developer's office were not ready to accept this charge as they claimed repeatedly that the parking lots are in accordance with the approved building map. Considering the developer's rigidity over the compliance, the officer ordered another inspection of the site. 

Officers of the Noida Authority will now resubmit the report to their seniors within a couple of days.



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