Residents fear the worst as danger hangs low over ATS Village, Noida

Posted: Jun 07, 2019

Residents of ATS Village, one of the upscale residential society on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, are living in a state of fear these days. The residents complained that a corroded construction crane, installed around a decade ago for lifting construction material at the disputed Supertech Emerald Court nearby, still hangs above their society's rooftop.

Around two hundred families, who are currently living in the society, fear that the towering crane can any time lead to a crash and a major disaster.

Just last month in Bhubaneswar, the intense storm arising due to cyclone Fani had made a crane being used in construction of a high-rise building collapse onto a nearby house.

ATS residents fear that the horrific incident can be repeated in their society if timely action is not taken to remove the crane. “One can't even imagine the scale of damage that it may cause. What if something like that happens here? It may claim many lives and cause huge damage to property also,” said a resident.

But is anyone listening to their complaint? Perhaps, not. The residents of the society alleged that they have escalated the issue with officers from the Noida Development Authority, District Magistrate, District Disaster Cell and also with officials from the office of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

They have been repeatedly complaining about the issue for the past two years ago. But nothing has been done so far leaving the residents to live under the constant threat of a “possible collapse” of the construction crane.

The construction crane was installed at the disputed Supertech Emerald Court, against which their residents had moved to the court. The final verdict is yet to come in the case and the construction at the site has been stalled for many years. ATS residents complained that though the developer had removed all other construction material, the crane hasn’t been uninstalled.

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