Supertech Capetown: Residents' fear over security rise after busting of smuggler

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 07, 2019

Two days after a tenant was arrested over charges of smuggling and operating from Supertech Capetown, a high rise residential society in Sector 74, Noida, the residents on Friday started raising concerns over their safety in the society.

They complained that it is a serious security lapse on the part of society's management which is still with developer of the society. “It is now evident what kind of security they are providing to us. The smuggler utilised the society's space for illegally operating narcotics drugs business from one of the flats in the society,” they said.

Residents alleged that the guards are also accountable for the lapses. “They are not conducting random checks of the tenants and outsiders entering into the society. A guard is also deployed below each residential tower in the society. They are also not performing their duties properly. If they were then how a smuggler was operating from the society?” they added. 

Apartment Owners Association (AoA) of Supertech Capetown also wrote to developer asking him to enhance security of the society. Krishna Kumar Sharma, Secretary of the society told that AoA has consistently been writing the developer regarding security issues at the society. But their complaints have not been taken seriously.

He alleged that the developer appointed management has been charging residents exorbitantly in the name of tenant verification. But they did not give receipt of expenses to residents who spent money on it.

The AoA endorsed the demands made by Alok Verma, a resident of the society. He demanded a list of tenants residing in the society with or without police verification from the society's management.

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