Amid scorching heat, residents of Noida's Sec 39 face power cut for 14 hours!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 08, 2019

As if the soaring temperature was not enough, residents of Noida's Sector 39 on Friday had to suffer due to power cut- not for a few minutes, an hour but for 14 long hours! The supply in Block-F got disrupted early morning and was not restored till late evening.

KD Gupta, resident of Block-F said, "The power went off around 4 am and did not get restored till late evening. The disruption was caused due to the burning of the transformer. The officials concerned were apprised about it but they were not prompt in taking action."

"One can imagine how difficult it gets for people, especially kids and the elderly. I saw people going to flats in other blocks to get some respite from this merciless weather."

Even the cops were facing difficulties as the power supply in police station got disrupted too. They raised this issue with the higher authority of the discom and requested them to replace the damaged transformer with the new one. Only then, the officials of the department concerned came into action and restored the power supply.

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, an executive engineer working with the power discom, Praveen Kumar said, "Oil from the transformer got stolen because of which it got burnt. Besides, there was no other transformer with a capacity of 300 kV available, this is the reason why the power restoration got delayed. We brought it from Sahibabad and mounted as soon as possible to resume the supply.

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