Gzb Civitech Florencia: Resident ‘gets men’ to thrash guards over parking row
Gzb Civitech Florencia: Resident ‘gets men’ to thrash guards over parking row
Ashish Srivastava
Gzb Civitech Florencia: Resident ‘gets men’ to thrash guards over parking row
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Gzb Civitech Florencia: Resident ‘gets men’ to thrash guards over parking row

The security staff of Civitech Florencia society in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, has alleged that an additional commissioner at Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation along with a gunman and 11 other men thrashed, looted, and attempted to mow down a guard and security in-charge of the society on Sunday late evening, after his son was asked to park his car outside the society for not having the mandatory sticker.

The security staff had complained to Indirapuram Police but an FIR is yet to be registered.

The incident happened at Civitech Florencia of Ramprastha Greens, a collegium of four housing projects in Vaishali, Ghaziabad.

The victims, Ashok Kumar (40) and Anirudh Tiwari (42), alleged that the accused AK Singh brought 12 men and dragged them outside the gate of the society and thrashed them.

“Around 9 pm while I was on duty at the entrance gate, Singh along with a dozen men, one of which was carrying a barrel gun, came and started abusing me. They held me by my shirt’s collar and started physically assaulting me. Then they dragged me outside the society and started punching me. When Anirudh came to my rescue, they started beating him also. They also attempted to run over a vehicle on me,” claimed Ashok. “Someone from them also stole my gun license and Rs 6,000 cash and snatched my Aadhar card,” he added.

Anirudh alleged that the group robbed him of Rs 10,000.

How it all started?

The incident happened a day after a clash was reported between Ashok and 18-year old son of AK Singh. On Saturday evening, the guards had stopped his son's car as it didn’t have a sticker required to enter the society. This triggered a verbal spat. 

“We did not allow them as per the rules of the society. Following which, the son started abusing us and threatened of grave consequences,” claimed Ashok adding that they had informed the RWA about the incident.

When City Spidey spoke to an eyewitness to the incident, he confirmed Ashok’s claim. “After Singh's son started abusing and threatening Ashok, he also hurled abuses at him,” said Shafi, who works as maintenance staff at the society.

Meanwhile, AK Singh admitted that a clash did happen between him and two guards but denied any physical assault. “If 12 men had assaulted them, would they have been sitting here?” He asked pointing towards the guards sitting on the ground at Indirapuram Police Station.

Singh, who was sitting with few others in SHO office, alleged that the clash started after the guards misbehaved with his wife and son. “I and my son confronted the guards about the incident that happened a day before when they had misbehaved with my son and wife when we had asked for a guest’s car to be parked inside the society. Amidst the argument, the guards suddenly got violent and physically attacked us. We retaliated and a few other men from the society joined us,” he claimed.

“On Saturday, my son had requested them to allow our guest’s car inside the society, but they shunned him rudely. Then my wife also requested them but they misbehaved with her as well, after which my wife had reported this to the RWA,” he added denying the allegation of bringing outsiders. “The men who supported us live in the society only.”

RWA’s Version

However, the video footage available to City Spidey clearly shows a group of men dragging Ashok outside the society and thrashing him. Anirudh can also be seen intervening.

Naveen Pandey, secretary of the RWA, said that Singh’s wife had approached them with a complaint of misbehavior with her son. This contradicts Singh's claim that guards misbehaved with his son and wife.

“I did not receive any complaint of misbehavior to Singh’s wife. She and guards had approached me with their complaints about the incident on Saturday night. I had assured them that the RWA will take action once we go through the CCTV footage. Unfortunately, I could not do that as I was not well today. Later on, I got to know that Singh had attacked the guards,” Pandey said.

When asked whether the men accompanying Singh were the residents of the society, Pandey said they were not. “RWA will not tolerate this. Despite assuring his wife, Singh brought men from outside and assaulted our security staff. This is intolerable,” he said. As Singh lives with his family on a rented accommodation, the RWA said that they will discuss the matter with his landlord and ask them to leave the society immediately.

Meanwhile, Ghanshyam Kumar Jha, director of Arania Services Pvt Ltd, the security agency hired by Civitech, alleged that the police is not cooperating with them. “An unnecessary pressure has been built on us to withdraw our complaint as the accused is a high-profile government official,” he claimed. Reacting to this, Sandeep Kumar Singh, SHO Indirapuram, said the matter is under investigation and refused to comment further.

Till the writing of this copy, the victims had been sent for a medical check-up and the written complaint filed by victims were not acknowledged by the police.