FIR against Antriksh Kanball's staff, guards for stopping 'unwanted vehicle'
FIR against Antriksh Kanball's staff, guards for stopping 'unwanted vehicle'
Ramesh Kumar
FIR against Antriksh Kanball's staff, guards for stopping 'unwanted vehicle'
Photo: City Spidey

FIR against Antriksh Kanball's staff, guards for stopping 'unwanted vehicle'

Following a sudden order given by Vaibhav Krishna, SSP (Gautam Buddh Nagar) regarding the non-entry of unwanted vehicles inside the society premises by the society's management has backfired for those who were adhering to it.

Navin Kumar, a resident of Antriksh Forest, has registered an FIR against three people- Vijay (in-charge of security agency), Satendra Srivastava (head of security agency), Rahul Anand (maintenance manager)- besides unnamed on-duty watchmen for stopping his car while exiting Antriksh Kanball (a society located in the same plot adjacent to Antriksh Forest) on May 24.

The complaint was lodged with the police station, located in Sector 49. These people have been booked under Section 147 besides other sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

In the FIR filed by Kumar, he alleged that he was stopped by the on-duty watchmen while he was coming out of the society. He added saying they indulged in a quarrel with him despite making requests to let him go out. Further, he said that the accused followed him when he was on his way to the society's maintenance office to complain about them to the maintenance manager.

“I somehow managed to leave the maintenance office and reach my flat, located in the second floor of Tower B but the accused followed me there too and warned me of adverse consequences if I approach police,” Kumar added.

On the other hand, an on-duty woman security guard made a complaint against the resident for abusing her.

“As per society rules, we were asked not to allow any vehicles which do not carry society's stickers. So going by the management orders, I stopped his vehicle at the gate itself. It might have been a prestige issue for him but I was only performing my duty,” the woman guard said.

Virendra Singh, president of Antriksh Kanball told City Spidey Navin Kumar tried to get in with his car in his society but he was stopped following which all this happened.

“It was an order issued by the local police asking society's president to make sure that no unwanted or suspicious car is getting entry or parked in the premises. Moreover, the management of my society was providing him a sticker but he did not accept that too. It is being done for residents' safety but it becomes very difficult when they themselves violate such basic rules,” Singh concluded.