Amrapali Zodiac: Buyers to move into unfinished flats to tackle financial strain

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 11, 2019

After running out of patience in getting the possession of flats, the home buyers have already started moving into unfinished flats at Amrapali Zodiac in Sector 120, Noida

It was all started by Akhilesh Verma who moved to his flat in Tower A recently. Now, around fifty more home buyers are planning to move to their respective flats in the same society.

The buyers were agitated with the financial burden of paying both EMIs of home loans as well as rent of their present accommodation. Ex-president of the society, Jogindra Singh confirmed that buyers are taking this decision because of the financial burden on them.

He informed, “Some buyers were struggling a lot with their finances and it forced them to stay in slums as well. Now, they see no other viable option than moving to unfinished flats.”

Home buyers said that it was getting increasingly difficult to pay EMIs, rent, education fees of children as well as household expenses.

They said that by moving into unfinished flats, they would save the rent which is so high these days. Home buyers were of the view that saving the rent would be great relief for them as they could now afford to pay for other expenses easily.

Although Singh declined to disclose names of few buyers who are likely to move in to their unfinished homes in the society, he said that there are several buyers, who have purchased homes in the society, have been forced to stay in rented flats in the same society. 

He said several buyers are in conversation with builders' offices for getting keys of their homes. He said they will move in if their flats are partly finished.

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