Raj Nagar Extn: Garbage sways on road making things scary for commuters

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 11, 2019

The heaps of garbage around the roads making things really difficult for commuters at the Raj Nagar Extension. Sometimes, it flies with the breeze and lands on the windshields of the moving cars making difficult for drivers to sneak past the spot. Two-wheeler riders complained that it gets stuck on the tyres making them vulnerable for an accident.

“While commuting to office, it almost turns my stomach to see pathetic condition of the main road where premium housing societies have been constructed,” told Shubham Srivastava, a resident of SCC Heights society.

City Spidey came to know that the contract to clean the roads has expired and it is the main reason behind the current mess. Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has the responsibility to keep the area clean and they rope in private contractors for a period of four months.

“The last contract expired on April 17 but we extended it to April 30. Meanwhile, due to model code of conduct, we could not issue new tender,” said Subodh Kumar Varshney, Junior Engineer of GDA.

Election Commission of India had withdrawn model code of conduct post the results of Lok Sabha elections on May 26.

However, the residents continued to suffer with garbage scattered all over the place near roads. “Now, the chances of floating new tender is only possible by the end of June,” informed Varshney. 

Reacting on this, Subodh Tyagi, Municipal Councillor of the area condemned this delay. “GDA has always been apathetic towards maintaining Raj Nagar Extension. When somebody complains, their officials direct the complainant to forward the complaint to Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation and vise versa,” he said.

“I am planning to file a PIL and ask both the authorities that who will take responsibility of this area,” Tyagi added.

Meanwhile, a few active residents have started spreading awareness about it through social media platforms. 

“Generally, the concerned authorities do not listen to a complaints and pass the buck on each other. Mass awareness followed by complaints might force them to take action,” told a resident, who is posting pictures on Facebook and various WhatsApp groups, on the condition of anonymity.

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