Unsafe and unused after sunset
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Unsafe and unused after sunset

‘Beautiful’ DDA Plaza Park in Sector 6, Dwarka, becomes unsafe due to poor lighting after sunset; residents say it's a safe haven for miscreants and drug addicts.

Unsafe and unused after sunset Photo shows the walkway in DDA Plaza Park, which lacks proper lighting.

Poor lighting has rendered one of the most popular parks in Dwarka’s Sector 6 useless after sunset. Residents say DDA Plaza Park plummets into darkness after sunset and becomes a place for drug addicts and drunkards to loiter around.

Sunita Gupta, a daily visitor to the park, said, “It’s such a beautiful park but is of no use after sunset. It is a scary place when there is no light in the park. Everybody uses their neighbourhood parks at night, but here, despite having a good park, we cannot use it at night .The whole area becomes unsafe. The DDA should maintain its electrical infrastructure and ensure proper lighting.”

The park gets its visitors not just from Sector 6, but other areas as well. A senior citizen’s recreation shelter is nearby and many women use the park for Yoga, and bhajan-kirtan (singing devotional songs). But, due to defunct light bulbs, missing bulbs and no provision of light in the central area, they are forced to leave the park before sunset. 

Residents also say that due to no light on the walkway, senior citizens tend to fall and get hurt. Walkers also grumble about the uneven surface of the walkway. Recently, an elderly citizen fell off the track and got hurt.


Photo shows a view of the DDA Plaza Park in Sector 6, Dwarka. 


BS Yadav, president of Senior Citizen Association, said “Our members use this park during mornings and evenings. But, we use it only during the day as it is unsafe after sunset. One of our members was injured due to the damaged walkway in the absence of light. At night, the park attracts hooligans and miscreants. We have written many letters to the authority concerned, but the matter is yet to be resolved. Moreover, we have sent many reminders to them to improve the lighting in the area and are still waiting for the response. In public meetings with their representatives, we have also requested for high-mast lights in the central area.”

Lack of lighting in the park has also become a threat to security of nearby societies. The park is located behind societies like Som Apartments and Manglik Apartments. Other societies like True Friends, Kamakshi, Prakriti, Hanneman, Anusandhan and Akash Ganga are at a walking distance from the park.

According to MP Setia, president of Som Apartments, “After sunset, this park is a safe haven for the hooligans. It is a security threat to us also as it is situated just behind our society. Once some hooligans threatened our guard. We complained to the police and there was frequent patrolling near the park for a few days. We want proper lighting in the park like other big parks in Dwarka.”

Prem Chand, deputy director of horticulture, DDA, told City Spidey, “I will visit the park and check the situation. We will write to the electrical department after ascertaining the actual status. Soon the lighting will be improved.”