Philately Summer Camp – India Post's quintessential gift to kids
Philately Summer Camp – India Post's quintessential gift to kids
Praveen Dwivedi
Philately Summer Camp – India Post's quintessential gift to kids
Photo: Graphics by Samrat Roy

Philately Summer Camp – India Post's quintessential gift to kids

It is an established fact that kids suddenly witness a vacuum in their lives after onset of summer vacations. As a remedial measure, various kinds of summer camps are organised to keep them engaged with some value addition. But, if you observe closely, you can see a lot of redundant activities being conducted in the present day's camps.

Now, in a really novel way, the Department of Post is planning to come up with a “Philately Summer Camp” for children living in the Noida, Greater Noida. They have their own reasons for going ahead with their plans. In their own observation, they pointed out various lacunae in the way kids are spending their leisure time these days.

Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Ram Naresh Sikaria in his notification brought to the fore the growing menace of social media and internet usage among kids. He said that there are lot of diversions for kids on the internet these days which hampers the positive development of kids.

Most of the parents have also been found complaining about the growing interest of children in internet. These days, children stare on the screens for a very long time. It also restricts their movement and they turn into an indoor kid while the importance of outdoor activities is enormous.

Any kid, who loves doing outdoor activities, are found to be healthier than others. They get to move their bodies and stay fit which is very important from the health point of view. So, any activity, which requires you to explore the world outside the ambit of internet, is a fresh new thing.

It is for this reason, they are planning to come up with “Philately Summer Camp” which is popularly known as “King of hobbies and hobby of kings.” They claimed that the unique hobby of stamp collection can work as a magical solution for children to minimise the evil impact of social media.

One of the objective of this camp would to inform children that Philately is not only about collection of stamps but also to study the details of the stamps. Department of Post aims to educate children through study of stamps.

Officials privy with the matter talking to City Spidey were of the view that the initiative is an attempt to reach out to the people who value postal stamps with its historical significance.

“During the camp, children would be told about the value of particular stamp. We would try to make them understand why postal stamps were issued with Mahatma Gandhi or any other Indian freedom fighters and what was the situation at that time,” said an senior official associated with Postal department in Greater Noida.

Children will be given right kind of mix of audio-visual display and practical examples. The presentation will be done to taken the children to the fairy world of stamps. The camp will also provide children the opportunity to be participative.

Anyone can attend the camp but the preference will be given to the students and children. Also, due to noble cause, Department of Post will not be charging any fees to the participants. However, anyone, who is willing to pay, can pay Rs 200 for the camp.

Philately is a word which is reserved for the people who collect stamps. Philatelist is the person who loves stamps. Philately is hobby for person who loves collecting stamps. It is a very popular hobby since the late nineteenth century.