Aqua Line may soon be expanded to connect Greater Noida West

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 13, 2019

Fresh tenders will be floated to start the construction (civil) work for metro track in Greater Noida West. The decision was taken after no consensus could be reached to start the construction work with an increase of ten percent in the old rate.

However, electricity work will be completed as per the old tender rate.

This can lead to delay in the completion of metro project in Greater Noida West. The proposal is still under consideration and once the authorities clear it, the work will start.

According to the estimates, Greater Noida West's population has exceeded one lakh.

With the increase in flat occupancy and opening up of new projects, the population is increasing rapidly. To cater to the need for accessible transport in the area, the authority has decided to connect Greater Noida West via metro.

The Aqua Metro will be expanded from Noida Sector 71 till Greater Noida West. The construction of Metro track from Noida Sector 71 till Knowledge Park V will be done in two stages.

In the first phase, the metro will be started from Noida Sector 71 to Greater Noida's Sector 2, covering 9.155 km distance.

The project will cost Rs 1,521 crores. Of which, Noida Authority and Central Government will bear Rs 1,286 crores and Greater Noida will contribute Rs 235 crores.

The stations to be constructed on the route are Noida Sector 71, Sector 120, Sector 123, Greater Noida West Sector 4, Sector 16B and Sector 2.

In the second phase of construction, 14.95 km long track will be built till Knowledge Park V.

To start the construction work of Metro in Greater Noida, a plan was floated to start the work by raising the expenses incurred in Aqua Metro project by ten percent.

Despite many rounds of discussion among the officials of Noida, Greater Noida Authority and Noida Metro Rail Corporation, consensus couldn’t be reached. Considering the increase in the rates of construction materials, the civil works couldn’t be started on the old rate.

According to the officials, “Fresh tender will be issued for taking forward civil work of metro track construction in Greater Noida West. It will take about six months. Hopefully, metro operations on the route will start by December 2020.”

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