GMC rejects long-pending transfer of Indirapuram yet again

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 13, 2019

After months of indecisiveness, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has again rejected the process of Indirapuram's long-pending handover. Sources confirmed that the rejection came after reluctance of councillors of the area and lack of consensus in the board meeting of the GMC.

In December, a joint survey was started by teams of GDA and GMC to check layout of three services for the handover which are maintenance of roads & street lights, drains and collection of garbage from the area.

The understanding on this partial handover was made after GMC denied taking over the maintenance of Indirapuram. GMC found the infrastructure of Indirapuram was not up to the mark and it was the main reason behind their reluctance in going for transfer at one go.   

“However, the joint survey by both the authorities have been completed now,” told Vice Chairperson (VC) of GDA, Kanchan Verma. 

Meanwhile, after the constant denial of GMC in taking over Indirapuram, the GDA had taken up the matter to state administration. The state administration demanded list of colonies from all development authorities which municipal corporations have denied taking over. 

“We gave them a list of five other colonies which are pending for transfer to GMC," Verma said.   

Besides Indirapuram, GMC has denied taking over  Swarnajayantipuram, Koyal enclave, Indrakunj and Indraprasth.

In October 2018, the long-pending process of Indirapuram’s handover to GMC was finally started. GDA VC had set up a six-member committee to expedite the process of transferring.

The process of handover has been pending for more than six years now.

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