Ghaziabad: 14 vehicles charred after huge fire in basement of building

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 14, 2019

After a short-circuit at the electric meters installed at the basement of the building, 14 vehicles were badly charred at Sector 2 in Rajendra Nagar, Ghaziabad on Thursday night. The huge fire was caused by a short-circuit at the transformer installed just outside the building. 

The vehicles which were badly burnt included four cars, two scooties and eight bikes. They all turned into ashes till the time fire brigades reached the spot.

Residents complained that fire brigades reached the spot after an hour of calling them. They said that all the vehicles were badly charred when it reached the spot.

“We tried to call them when we came to know about the fire. Initially, the calls were not getting connected. Finally, it connected but there was a big delay by then,” a resident said.

However, people living in the building escaped fire by going to the roof. There are 12 families living in the building. Fortunately, there was no casualty reported from the site.

The incident happened at 12.30 am in the night.

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