Father's Day: A salute to our 'guardian angels'!
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Father's Day: A salute to our 'guardian angels'!

Ahead of Father's Day, City Spidey recalls three such tragic incidents which exhibit the innate qualities of a true 'guardian'.

Father's Day: A salute to our 'guardian angels'!

Yes, you read that right! Duty of being a father is not just to give his kids food, shelter, and education but to back, stand up for them when they are in deep trouble, pain and feeling hopeless! Ahead of Father's Day, City Spidey recalls three such tragic incidents which exhibit the innate qualities of a true 'guardian'.

1.Nirbhaya rape

People know it as the Delhi gang-rape case which occurred in the year 2012. The brutality with which this heinous crime took place shook the nation. Protests were held countrywide demanding severe punishment for the rapists and justice for the victim. Nirbhaya was the name given in order to hide her real identity but her father, unlike others, lead by example and stated that "the world must know her name, she will be an inspiration. It has been 7 years and he is still struggling to get justice for his deceased daughter. The convicts are yet to be hanged despite being awarded death sentence. Unfazed by the hindrances caused, he still continues to move courts to ensure justice for her child besides appealing to the government to make changes in the judicial system and take necessary steps to ensure safety and security for women in our society.

2. Moti Nagar murder

This incident occurred in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar area. He was returning from a hospital with his daughter when some bystanders passed lewd comments and made indecent gestures towards her. After dropping her home in Bali Nagar, he came back to confront the fathers of these boys about their behaviour, resulting in a heated argument that led to the boys stabbing him. He succumbed to his injuries and passed away on 13 May 2019. His undeterred courage to stand up against eve-teasing makes him an epitome of fatherhood.

3. Delhi photographer murder

The murder of a photographer by his girlfriend’s family on February 1, 2018, was a horrific incident that jolted the nation. In the communally charged debates that ensued, his father refused to pit Hindus against Muslims and urged everyone to maintain peace. This incident displayed the exemplary strength of the grief-stricken father, who despite his ordeals only demanded justice for his son. Unfortunately, as of today, he is yet to receive the compensation promised to him by the Delhi Government as well as a lawyer to fight his case. His son awaits justice as he and his family in Raghubir Nagar await the fulfillment of the hollow promises made to them in the wake of the incident by political parties for their own benefits.