Noida: Water seepage in basement of Homes 121; residents suffer

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 15, 2019

Residents of Homes-121, a high-rise in Noida, are a troubled lot these days. Reason? They have complained that the car parking lots in the basement of the apartment have been seeping so heavily that it looks like an artificial waterfall! It has been causing immense inconvenience to them. 

Dinesh Singh, president of the Apartment Owners' Association (AOA), Homes-121, complained that the seepage has exposed the developer for using sub-standard construction materials while erecting towers of the society.

"It is causing damage to the building. Plaster is also falling down," Singh added.

Due to this, the residents of the society are concerned about their belongings. Though it was not reported, a chunk of plaster damaged cars glasses, which was parked in the basement parking lot. After this incident, residents are not willing to park their cars there. 

Besides, the water sometimes gets accumulated ankle deep in the basement. It causes huge inconvenience to the residents who want to take out their cars from the parking lot.

Singh said that the matter has been brought into the notice of officers from the Noida Authority and to the developer but they are not paying heed to this issue.

He further alleged the developer has left several works unfinished. "They have not used modern technology for sewage pipelines works. Due to this, residents suffer. Had they used waterproof technology, this could not have happened," Singh stated.

"What is more annoying is the fact that the residents have to bear the cost of repair. It puts a burden on them financially," he concluded.

Ajnara India Gulshan Homz, a joint venture of reality company developed Homes-121 that houses more than 1700 flats. Around 6000 residents have been living in the society.

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