Great Value Sharanam: Residents debarred from availing club house facilities

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 16, 2019

Residents of Great Value Sharanam, a high rise society in sector 107, Noida, on Sunday alleged that the developer of the society has debarred them from using the facilities at the club house despite them making a regular payment for availing those services.

They claimed that they have been paying the common area maintenance charge to the developer without any delay which also includes charges for using facilities at the club house in the society.

But the developer is not allowing them to use those facilities. Moreover, the club house's door was locked on Saturday which prevented the residents from entering it.

It has caused great outrage among the residents, who launched vigorous protests against their developer. They raised slogans against the developer in the protest organised by them on June 15.

Vishwa Roop Malik, a resident of the society, said that the developer is asking for extra charges excluding the one that they have been paying as common area monthly maintenance to the developer.

He said that the maintenance also includes the club house as this facility comes under the common area in the society.

He further added that the residents of the society are being forced to buy a membership of the club, which will be granted only when a resident pays to the developer. He said that this is not fair to the residents as they have already paid the developer their share when they bought their flat in the society.

Malik said that the developer is not ready to have a meeting with them to discuss this issue. Residents are being sent notices for making payment of the club house.

When City Spidey contacted the management of Great Value Sharanam, an official told that residents have been contributing for maintenance of the society. They have been requested to take membership for availing facilities available at club house.

He said that as per builder buyer agreement, buyer will give one time charge, which is for development of the club house and will also contribute monthly charge for availing facilities. This is recurring charge and it has to be borne by residents for smooth operation of the club house.

He said that in the beginning, there was a small club house. Residents were not charged for it. We have developed another big club house and where several facilities like restaurant, banquet hall, swimming pools and others are available.

The residents have also enjoyed the facilities in recent times. But the cost of operation, which is recurring in nature, has to be borne by residents. Power consumption is alone around Rs 3.5 lakh per month. There are staffs deployed at the club house as well.

He said that residents were intimated to take membership, which is necessary as per the agreement of the club house to enjoy it uninterruptedly. They were given time to complete the membership by May and later it was extended up to June 15. But they have not come forward and due to which this has been locked.

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