RESIDENT SPEAK: Here's how one should go for treatment after dog bite

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Posted: Jun 17, 2019

Seeing the rapid increase in the incidents of dog bites in Raj Nagar Extension, especially in Ajnara Integrity, and lack of awareness among people regarding vaccination, I am highlighting few important points which everyone should know based on the FAQs by my patients. 

Here are the steps that I follow while taking care of a dog bite case which is also recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

3 categories of dog bite:

Category 1: It does not require anti-rabies treatment

Category 2: It requires anti-rabies vaccination

Category 3: It requires immunoglobulins in addition to vaccine

Few advise that one should religiously follow after dog bite:

1. It is always advisable to let your doctors decide on the category of dog bite.

2. Wound should be washed with clean soap and water for at least 15 minutes

3. One should get the vaccine as soon as possible. There is no specific time duration under which one should get vaccine.

4. Vaccines can also be given to infants and pregnant females. 

5. Wounds that require stitches should be sutured loosely and only after infiltration of immunoglobulin into the wound. So don't force your doctor for stitches.

6. If bite is by a vaccinated pet, still, one should get anti-rabies vaccine as vaccination failure can happen in the pet.

7. Most accepted regimen is 5 injections intramuscularly at deltoid (thighs in children <2 years) at Day 0, 3, 7, 14, 28.

8. If a repeat exposure occurs within 3 months of completion of vaccine, only wound treatment is required, no vaccine is required. If the dog bite happen after 3 months of vaccination, then only 2 doses of anti-rabies vaccine should be given on Day 0 and Day 3.

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