Noida: Hopes of rejoicing rain turn sour with long power outages at high rises

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 18, 2019

The much-awaited rain came as a huge respite from the blistering heat in Noida on Monday night. But the long power outages did not let people fully rejoice the rain. The hopes of enjoying good weather turned sour as people were forced to withstand the humid conditions.

Power outages were seen at many high rises like Aditya Urban Casa, Sunshine Helios, Windsor Court and Sikka Kimaantra Greens in Sector 78 and 79. The residents complained that the power which went off on Monday night could only be restore on Tuesday morning. In turn, they had to spend the night without power.

Although power backup facility was available to them but it is always more expensive in comparison to the power received from electricity distribution company (PVVNL).

Col P Chandra, an ex-army officer and resident of Aditya Urban Casa, informed that the long power outage was only restored on Tuesday morning. He added, “We have been facing issues with the power supply. We often see power fluctuations and long outages.

Pabitra Kumar Dash, a resident of other society said, “Such outages are mockery to the concept called no power cut zone. DG sets are frequently used in these societies. This time, it ran for more than 10 hours.”  

Chandra said that each society should have a separate connection from the nearest feeder for uninterrupted power supply to it. But the distribution company laid down a single line, from which several residential societies are getting power supply. 

“Due to this, the supply line is overloaded, which results in burning of cables, fluctuation in supply and causing other faults as well,” he added.

When City Spidey contacted YK Gupta, Executive Engineer with PVVNL, under whose jurisdiction these areas fall, he admitted that there was disruption in power supply to these residential society on yesterday night. But, as per him, it was for six to seven hours.

He said that though they were working to identify the fault but it took time to solve it as the problem wasn't in supply line. It was with temporary connection to Sikka Kimaantra Greens, a residential society. The fault was in the society due to which power supply was not being restored. Once, they disconnected the temporary connection, the supply got restored.

He ruled out the possibility of overload on the supply line. But when asked about what is the capacity of the line through which the power is  being supplied to these residential societies, he refused to divulge anything. He said that he took the charge of the office recently and isn't aware of the actual capacity of that particular line.

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