Residents of Amrapali Zodiac to get drinking water connection soon!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 22, 2019

In order to provide relief to the residents of Amrapali Zodiac (Sector 120), the Noida Authority has decided to issue a drinking water connection soon.

The move has come in compliance with the Supreme Court's order through which the authority has been directed to provide water supply connection to occupants and the authority may realise the charges from the occupant which is payable by them (authority).

In any case, they may place the expenditure statement before the court, for which this court will pass an appropriate order.

Jogindra Singh, a resident of Amrapali Zodiac, who went to meet the top boss of Noida Authority on June 21, said that chief executive officer (CEO) Alok Tandon assured him that a decision has been taken in this regard. He said that though they haven't asked us for making a fresh application for obtaining a water supply connection in the society, they will do it on their own. "Tandon has ordered his officials to provide water supply connection to the occupants at the earliest possible," Singh added.

The society does not have a water supply connection since the time residents have started residing here years ago. They are forced to either consume groundwater or incur the cost of purchasing purified water bottles from private vendors. 

Singh said that individual residents have installed a water softener at their homes to make the groundwater potable as it is hard water and not recommended to use.

"All the group housing projects of Amrapali, which are in Noida and are without water supply connections, will get them shortly," Singh concluded.

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