With AQI at 276, pollution suffocates Dwarka yet again!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 22, 2019

One of the most planned sub-cities of Delhi, Dwarka, was in the news last year for topping the pollution chart. 2019 is no exception for it as the area once again makes people experience the poor quality of air.

According to the latest data released by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the city showed negative signs. On June 21, the air quality index was 244 whereas it was 276 on Saturday.


Experts opine that burning or garbage, dust, and fuel consumption by the vehicles are the major causes responsible for creating pollution in the area.

Talking to City Spidey on this subject, Suman Malik, an environmental expert and a resident of Youngster's Apartment (Sector 6), blamed the presence of airport and lack of public transport system as the major causes of the rising pollution levels in the area.

“Round the clock burning of fuel at the airport in the vicinity and use of private vehicles in the absence of public transport in the area has made the air quality poor. These two things are never taken seriously by the government in its policies and that is why the situation is becoming worse," Malik stated.

The city has been suffering due to dust pollution too and the civic bodies are least bothered about it. Roads are full of dirt because cleaning work is not proper. Besides, digging is rampant. I

Construction work that take place within the societies adds to the woes. Similarly, violation of construction norms by the builders is a great concern. If this was not enough, burning of waste including horticulture waste has made the surroundings toxic.

VK Gautam a resident of Sector 5 concluded, “Unfortunately civic agencies are a failure to curb such menace. It is high time they should think about their lives and ours, otherwise, the entire sub-city will be at great risk.”

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