Noida police inspects unauthorised parking at Sec 51; assures action

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 24, 2019

On the complaints of unauthorised parking in the area, Noida police on Monday conducted a site inspection on internal roads of Sector 51. The cops were accompanied by members of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA).

Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of RWA, Sector 51, told that Rakesh Kumar, sub-inspector with Noida traffic police took a round up of entire sector on Monday.
During the visit, he was explained by Col Harendra Singh, an ex-army officer and member of  residents' body that commercial vehicles are being parked on internal roads in the sector.

Kumar complained that heavy goods vehicles and cars are being parked near Sector 52 metro station, which is opposite to Sector 51. He said that it causes lot of inconvenience to residents while going out or coming in to the sector. 

He said that police officer was taken through internal roads showing him cars being parked at a spot where parking hasn't be allowed considering residents' inconvenience.   

The vehicles occupy almost maximum space of road near the entry gate which opens towards Sector 52 metro station. 
These vehicles are frequently parked for long hours. It creates blockage for the smooth flow of vehicles moving on the road. 

Kumar informed that the traffic cops have assured them to initiate action against this unauthorised parking. He told that the cops noted the problem and told them that it will be solved within couple of weeks.

He said that they, on behalf of the RWA, would be requesting Anil Jha, Superintendent of police for traffic cell, for acting on complaint made by residents.

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