Working out gets easy with proliferation of open gyms at Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 25, 2019

When you visit parks these days, you would find new equipment in the open gyms at Dwarka. Even in the parks which are spread in less than three acres, you can see two sets of open gyms. Apart from the old open gyms, there is also new open gym which has been made operational recently in these parks.

So, the entire city has got a set of new open gyms within a span of five years since the time old open gyms were introduced. In both the DDA parks having an area above three acres and the SDMC parks having area below three acres, such new open gyms have been installed by the civic bodies for the people living in the city.

The work is going at its pace and it has been completed in most of the parks. Recently in a park behind Radhika Apartments in Sector 14, a new open air gym was developed by SDMC a week back. There was a gym earlier but the newer one has been installed with new and different equipment than the older one which was installed a couple of years ago. 

Vikas Kumar, a resident of Radhika apartments in Sector 14 said, “I am happy that the new set of gym has been installed in the park. The equipment are modern and very different from the older one which give a completely different experience to the people.”

Earlier, the DDA had developed open gyms in Dwarka. In 2014, the project of open gym was started. About 30 such gyms were developed since 2014. Now, new set of open gyms have been set up by DDA and SDMC. According to the officials of DDA and SDMC, now there would be more than hundred open gyms in neighbourhood parks.

Dwarka has more than 300 parks including the green areas. As said by the officials, there was a plan to give maximum number of open gyms to the city so that people could avail the gym facilities at their door step. Not only this, but also inside the societies, the open air gyms are being given by the authorities. 

SDMC is giving gyms to the DDA pockets while the gyms are being given to the CGHS societies from the MLA funds in all the assembly areas under the city. RWAs of those societies are happy to have such facility in their own parks inside the society premises.

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