Noida: City Magistrate orders action against forceful closing of gate at Sec 82

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 26, 2019

City Magistrate Shailendra Kumar on Tuesday ordered police to take action against heads of the managements of  two residential societies who are not allowing opening of a gate in Sector 82, Noida

Mishra told circle officer of Noida police, under whose jurisdiction the area comes, that office bearers of two different residential societies haven't been allowing the opening of the gate without administration's interventions. 

Though, rounds of meeting with Yogesh Sharma and Ramesh Yadav, respectively presidents of LIG and MIG, were convened to find a solution. They also agreed to the decision taken during the meeting but then they did not allow opening of the gate.
The gate, in question, which exists on east side of these residential societies, opens towards 24-meter wide road in the sector. During the meeting, president of these two societies told that opposite to the gate, the local village Gejha exists. 

“If the gate is opened, probability of thefts in their societies increases and it can't be ruled out. It was decided that police patrolling of the areas would be enhanced to let the gate open. They had agreed to this decision but now they are not allowing opening of gate.

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority had ordered opening of the gate in 2018. But office bearers of these two residential societies overruled this order. “Considering this, an effective action has to be initiated against them for maintaining peace at the society,” Mishra directed.

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