AVJ Heights: Two groups indulge in ugly fight in presence of police

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 25, 2019

The long-standing internal conflict among the residents of AVJ Heights, a high rise in Greater Noida’s Sector Zeta 1 area, turned into an ugly phase when they indulged in ugly fight couple of days back.

As per the information from close sources in the society, the conflict have been a long-standing issue among the residents of the society. Sources said that the division among the residents emerged with Apartments Owners Association (AOA) elections couple of years back.

The claims to take over the maintenance and welfare issues of the society was one of the issues which caused the conflict. “Both the groups assaulted each other while the police remained silent watcher,” residents alleged. 

Since the Gangster Act was invoked on the builder Vinay Jain, the welfare issues of the society were looked after by the residents' association. Earlier, a group called AVJ Apartment Association, headed by D K Chowdhary and Ashish Parashar, was looking after society.  

As of now, the society is looked after by team of volunteers headed by Mahesh Bhati. When AVJ Apartment Association tried to take charge in its hands again, fights erupted in the society.

“Sensing that the situation is going bad to worse, police was informed immediately and apprised about the incident. Local police reached to the spot, however, despite the cops being present, fight continued,” said a resident requesting not to be named.

A senior police in Greater Noida said that both the groups had earlier agreed over mutual settlement but they once again created ruckus and both the parties reached police station asking to register FIR against each other.

“Police advised them to resolve their issue among themselves and not to create panic among the residents in future otherwise police would take its own course,” official said.

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