Gurugram: Waste management firm Ecogreen fined Rs 19 cr for 'negligence'


Gurugram: Waste management firm Ecogreen fined Rs 19 cr for 'negligence'

The civic body concerned has imposed a hefty fine on the Singaporean firm following complaints made by the residents of several high-rises across the city.

Gurugram: Waste management firm Ecogreen fined Rs 19 cr for 'negligence' Representative image

Citing apathy shown towards work, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has imposed a fine of Rs 19 crore on Ecogreen Energy, its concessionaire for waste management in the city. The fine has been levied on the Singaporean firm from 2017 until 2019.

Ecogreen has asked the civic body to refund the amount deducted till date whereas the corporation has justified the move, stating that penalty has been imposed on the firm for not delivering services.

Further, the corporation has asked for the GPS record. Based on it, it will be ascertained whether the vehicles of the company are reaching all the houses or not. Apart from this, these vehicles will also be monitored on a regular basis through GPS.

Officials of the waste management company have alleged that the municipal body has imposed a hefty fine, violating the rules. They have demanded a full payback of the amount.

They have also met the commissioner of the MCG in this regard. But the claims made by Ecogreen seem to be baseless as residents of several high-rises across the city have complained against it for not working properly.

Almost a month ago, people residing in Mahindra Aura raised their voice against the company and its staff for not initiating services.

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, president of the society Yashesh Yadav said, “Despite making several complaints and agreeing to pay the said amount, Ecogreen is yet to address our concerns. We are forced to take services from the local waste collectors. Had the company doing its job properly, we would have cut down on the cost too.”

Meanwhile, officials of the Ecogreen stressed on the issuance of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) following which they will start providing services to the residents but this claim too by the company seems to be baseless because, in order to get into an agreement, they have to visit the society first and meet the officials of the management concerned to proceed further.

Similarly, residents of many high-rises have tweeted about the company and its callous approach towards the work related to waste management.

Ecogreen Energy began the work related to waste management across Gurugram in December 2017. It has been given the responsibility to carry out services like door-to-door collection of garbage, to set up a waste to energy plant at Bandhwari and collect garbage across the city.