Residents demand removal of dead trees across Dwarka

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 27, 2019

Well, Dwarka is a sub-city with a good amount of greenery but dead trees along the roadsides and in the middle of stretches have become a matter of great concern for the people of the area.

People on various WhatsApp groups are demanding the authority concerned to remove such trees as they can fall anytime, posing a severe threat to the lives of commuters and the general public.

Madhu Dagar, resident of Crescent Apartments (Sector 18A) shared a photograph of a dead tree in her locality, asking the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to remove it as soon as possible.

Similarly, member of Dwarka Forum and resident of Sector 7 Anil Nayal pointed out that there are such trees in his locality too which should be cut off.

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, resident of Kautilya Apartment (Sector 14) Sarita Singh said, “You can see some dead trees on the footpaths in front of our society. Well, one such tree was removed by the workers of DDA but they left others. When I asked them the reason behind it, they said that these come under the jurisdiction of the forest department so they need their prior permission to remove them.”

According to the data obtained from the DDA, there are over 600 such trees across various sectors in the area.


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