Noida: Sewage overflow long-standing issue at Sec 27, residents demand new line

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 27, 2019

Disturbed with the frequent waterlogging due to overflow of sewage water in the area, the residents of Sector 27, one of the poshest residential societies in Noida, have started demanding for a new sewer line to effectively address the problem. 

Lokesh Kashyap, General Secretary of Residents Welfare Association (RWA) complained that residents, from block E and F, have been forced to brave the stink coming out from sewage water flooded on roads. He said that the sewage water is overflowing on road near house number E-200. It has been in this state for last four months.

Kashyap said that the issue was brought to the notice of Noida Authority but an action is still awaited. As the problem has not been addressed, residents of these residential block has been continuously suffering. 

He said that the RWA has been demanding from the Authority to construct a new line for draining out the sewage water. “It is necessary to have new line for this sector as the old line, constructed at the time of construction of the residential sector, is not capable of carrying the flow of sewage being generated from the sector,” he added.

Residents, living in the F block, have also been facing similar problem. Sewer drain along with the house number 25 to 38 in residential block F has now been entering houses. This is because of the construction materials which has been put on the drain obstructing the sewage flow. 

But the officials from the Authority has been passing the buck on the issue rather than solving the problems faced by residents of this sector. SC Mishra, General Manager with Public Health of the Authority said that only cleaning of the drain comes under him as construction of new line is a civil matter. 

While Vijay Rawal, Project Engineer under whose jurisdiction the area comes, had imposed fines on ones who had put construction materials on the drain line. The fine was imposed following green court's direction, which says the construction materials, if put up, should be covered for control of dust pollution. 

Kashyap said that though these two officers had no plan to solve it, residents have been facing inconvenience. He said they should act to solve it as it can potentially cause health issues if not cleaned in quick succession.

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