Supertech Capetown: Big chunk of wall plaster falls leaving residents distressed

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 28, 2019

The residents became worried about their well-being after wall plaster fell from CV2 tower on Thursday at Supertech Capetown in Sector 74, Noida. They are very affected and now very circumspect to pass through that tower. 

Shailendra Baranwal, a resident of the society said that a big chunk of wall plaster fell down early morning when he was asleep. He woke up on the noise of wall plaster fall.  

He said that when he came out of his flat to see what happened at the residential tower, on-duty guard alerted him not to come close to the residential tower as the plaster is falling.

Baranwal said, “I could not resist myself from coming out. I saw dust all over and big chunk of plaster scattered on the ground.”  

Immediately, people living in the society were alerted through social media groups and asked to be cautious while passing through the tower. Baranwal alleged that the incident has exposed the builder that he used low quality material during construction of the residential tower.

Sunil Dangwal, a member of the Apartment Owner Association (AOA), said that the incident has been reported to the developer and he was requested to address it. An action by the developer is expected for repairing of the wall from where the plaster fell down.

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