'15-minute' yoga session attracts residents of Dwarka!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 28, 2019

Have you seen or heard about a yoga session which ends in just 15 minutes? Well, Rakesh Mehra is the man behind this new concept.

Mehra, through his newly-formed organisation called 'Yoga Seed', aims to make such people practice yoga asanas who are beginners.

You can spot him at the DDA park, located in Sector 10, in the morning around 6:30 where a group of 20 people can be seen following his directions.

His 15-minute session starts with a warm-up for the first 3 minutes. Afterward, he makes people chant Om with 'Om Dhwani'. Following this, they practice Surya Namaskar. Then he makes them do Mandukasana, which proves beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Yoga expert then makes his students do Pranayama, concluding the session with meditation for 2 minutes.

Talking to City Spidey about his 'brief' method of teaching yoga, Mehra said, “It is basically meant for youth and kids because they are the ones who avoid it. Despite being aware of various benefits, people belonging to other age groups too hesitate to adopt it in their daily lives. This is what compelled me to come up with such an idea,”

“Moreover, people get bored with long sessions. Such brief ones will attract them in the first place without disturbing their daily routine. I introduced this session on Yoga Day and till now I have managed to get 20 people practicing this on a daily basis,” he added.

Mehra concluded saying, “My motto is to provide maximum benefit in minimum time. I hope that through this 15-minute session, I will be able to attract 1 million people till the next Yoga Day event.”


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