Exotica Fresco: Incidents of vehicle collision rise with closing of nearby cut

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 28, 2019

A resident of Exotica Fresco, a high rise in Sector 137, Noida, had a close shave from what could have been a bigger tragedy when he was coming out in his car from society gate. As he was exiting from the gate, his car was hit by another one from the front.

Commuting outside the society has become really dangerous since the closing of a cut around hundred meters away from the gate. Now, the commuters brazenly drive in opposite direction risking accidents on the road.

In fact, in another incident, two cars collided just few days after the closing of cut. Residents complained that the authority had not consulted them before the cut was closed four days ago. They claimed that it is now resulting in rampant violation of traffic rules. 

A resident of the society, Pramod Taragi informed that a fellow resident of his society had also met with a minor accident on Friday morning. When he came out from the society and took left turn to go towards Sector 137 metro station, another commuter driving in opposite direction hit his car few meter away from the society. 

“Although he noted the car number and reported it to the local police, offender escaped as he was driving in the wrong lane of the road,” he added.

Taragi, who is an IT professional, complained that this happened due to violation of traffic rules. He said that a cut, which was after the metro pillar on road leading to Sector 137 from Sector 92, was closed without considering residents' convenience in mind. 

Taragi also complained to Noida Authority and traffic police via social media handle and demanded opening of the cut closed recently. He said that they were demanding speed breaker on this road to limit the vehicles' speed but the Authority failed to meet the demand. On top of it, the Authority closed the cut. 

Another resident said that they have also seen buses of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) going in wrong direction. Himanshu Pant, another resident told that he has also written to the Noida Authority demanding corrective action for restoration of the cut.

According to Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager with Noida Authority said that the cut has been closed by city traffic police not by the Authority.  

On Contacting Anil Kumar Jha, SP Traffic, he said, “Complaints of accidents were received from residents of societies in the sector 137. Then it was proposed to close the cut for their safety. But, it was closed, they are saying that accident is taking place due to this.”

He assured that the spot will be visited again by his officials to study the best option for avoiding accidents on this road.

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