Joint survey on 'hidden' traffic signals, street lights held in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 29, 2019

A joint survey by the residents of Dwarka and the authorities concerned regarding hidden traffic signals and street lights was conducted on Saturday morning. Representatives of Dwarka Forum, officials from the DDA's horticulture department, BSES and traffic officials carried out the survey to make sure such signals and lights are clearly visible to the commuters and the general public. 

The survey team visited several spots across the area and identified specific signals and lights which are hidden due to poles, overgrown trees, or any other objects. 

Talking to City Spidey, president of Dwarka Forum associated with the survey team Sushil Kumar said, "This was done to show the present state to the officials of the authorities concerned, urging them to act promptly. Well, they have assured us to make these signals and lights clearly visible within two weeks. If they fail to fulfill their promise, we will follow it up and make sure the work gets done."

Deputy director of DDA's horticulture department Jameel Ahmad said that result would be seen in the coming days. Deputy general manager of power distribution company BSES SK Dagar too echoed the same thing, adding that the work will be completed with the cooperation and coordination of the horticulture department.

Arvind Singh Chatwal, general secretary of Dwarka Forum, concluded saying, "More such activities and initiatives will be taken in this regard until we get a positive outcome."

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