'Prateek Wisteria complies with sewage treatment plant norms'

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 29, 2019

Prateek Wisteria, a high-rise in Sector 77, Noida is following the sewage treatment plant's norms, claims a test report prepared by Newcon Consultancy and Laboratory (NCL). The conclusion was made after it analysed the treatment of wastewater generating from society recently.   

NCL, which is certified and recognised by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), is an environmental technology development laboratory and consultancy service organisation. 

It conducted a test of the treated wastewater of the sewage treatment plant in the above-mentioned society. According to the report by the NCL, it says that level of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS) and oil and grease are in compliance to prescribed parameters. 

The report, which came on June 29, says that the sample collected from the society was tested and analysed. According to analysis, the BOD is 17 against the prescribed 30 per milligram. The COD is 78 against the prescribed 250 per milligram. TSS is also 28 against the prescribed per milligram. 

The society got this test conducted amid the report circulated in media that the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board is likely to issue a penalty to seven high-rises in Noida. According to the report, UPPCB found these societies, which included Prateek Wisteria, in Sector 77, Supertech Capetown, in Sector 74, Golf City in Sector 75, JM Orchid in Sector 76, Aditya Celebrity Homes in Sector 76, Assotech Windsor Court in Sector 78, and Great Value Sharanam in Sector 107, not in compliance to the norms. As the violation or norms found, the UPPCB decided to imposed fine on these societies

"The STP at his place is contracted to the third party for operation. He said that the society hired consultancy service for testing the treated water. The consultancy collected sample on June 25 and it submitted the report to us. According to this, the society is following the norms," Hemant Kumar, a resident of Prateek Wisteria said.       

Nisha Rai, secretary of Prateek Wisteria apartment owners' association (AOA), told that though the control board is saying that these societies will be penalised for alleged violation of the norms, they remain unconcerned when the sewer water flow in reverse direction from the public drain lines. She demanded that the pollution board should make the report of STP's norms violation public.   

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