Dwarka: 'Internal Yoga Day' celebrated in Ganpati Apartment

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jun 30, 2019

Residents of Ganpati Apartment, Dwarka, New Delhi gathered together to participate in the ‘Internal Yoga Day’ on Sunday.  While the entire world celebrated 'International Yoga Day' on 21 June, residents of Sector 9, Ganpati Apartment decided to celebrate the power and essence of the day a few days later with a twist the name to grab the interest of the participants. 

The culture and the quintessence of Yoga are spreading across residential societies. The management committees of apartment and societies these days are working to make yoga accessible and part of the everyday routine of the residents. Maybe, that's the reason to name the event as 'Internal Yoga'. 

 It remained a matter of pride for the organizers to witness active participation and enthusiasm of the youth along with exceptional participation from women and senior citizens of the society.

Sangeeta Kashyap, a resident said, “We did meditation and Pranayam. The workshop was insightful informing us about the importance and positive impact of yoga in everyday life. Children from all age group, adults and senior citizens together practised yoga for about two hours.”

Participants not only participated but enjoyed the session. Astha, a resident and a participant in the workshop said, “It was relaxing and the energy spread across all verticals was mesmerizing. I enjoyed the activity and the aura of the yoga spread by the organizers.”

President of the society, Advocate KS Bhati said, “We make sure beneficial workshops and events like these are often organized in the society. Today’s Yoga event was one such step towards the benefit of society. Participants took an interest in the event, which is an accomplishment for us. We intend to make Yoga to be an integral part of our lives and for the residents of Ganpati Apartments, Dwarka, New Delhi.”

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