Mahagun Moderne couple thrashed with iron rods by on-duty guards
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Mahagun Moderne couple thrashed with iron rods by on-duty guards

Guards and bouncers of posh residetial society in Sector 78, Noida, manhandled couple completely ignoring the baby in arms.

Mahagun Moderne couple thrashed with iron rods by on-duty guards

On Saturday, two residents of the posh Mahagun Moderne residential society in Sector 78, Noida, were violently thrashed with iron rods by on-duty security guards and bouncers. Residents have been seriously injured in the scuffle. 

The incident took place while they were taking their one-year-old baby to the hospital for a checkup. The altercation started between the couple and the security guards over car parking.

The victim, Tapas Nigam said, “My cousin came to accompnay us to hospital yesterday in his car. Since there were no security guards on the entrance, he drove inside the society premises and parked his car there. Later we found that the guards had locked his car down.” The couple discussed the issue with the security guard and were asked to go to the facility office and meet Kaushal, one of a security team member.

“Kaushal started talking to us rudely and demanded Rs 2,000 as fine, which is ten times what is being charged for parking car at the wrong spot in the society. When we objected, the guards came in and started manhandling us, despite baby in my wife’s arms.” Nigam alleged.

Only after the residents gathered on the spot, the guards stopped beating them. Nigam sustained injuries on his leg while his wife, Rashmi got injuries on her hand.

Nigam informed the police and they reached the spot shortly. The police registered an FIR against security in charge and 40 other on-duty security guards and bouncers under section 147 of IPC for rioting. 

Ajay Kumar Aggarwal, SHO, Sector 49 police station told, “The victim has filed the complaint against security guards and bouncers, and they have been booked under several sections of the IPC.”

He said that the police is further investigating the matter and prompt action will be taken.