GreNo: Gaur City resident group mobilises people to decrease use of plastic

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jun 30, 2019

A group of residents from Gaur City, Greater Noida, are making an attempt to decrease the widespread use of plastic in the area.
Though, as it seems, the much-needed plan to combat this plastic crisis has become a rigorous challenge for everyone involved.

They approached the task after having conversations with other residents to figure out their opinions and thoughts on this daunting challenge.

A resident, Anita Prajapati, who is heading this initiative with the collective efforts of locals, said, "We are at the first stage of our idea. We have also started mobilising the people to decrease the use of plastic. We spoke to vendors selling vegetables, fruits, and other things outside the societies. They have their own problems. Residents have become dependent on plastic bags. It's a fact that we are using them excessively, there's no doubt it has become a challenge for us and the residents accept it."

The group is also advising residents on waste aggregation in the kitchen before handing it over to the waste collectors.
Last Sunday, the group had organised a conversation among the residents on environmental issues especially the rising dust pollution in Greater Noida.

In an attempt to garner the residents' attention to the campaign, posters have been glued at prominent public areas. On weekends, they launch drives by holding banners, posters, environment paintings made by children of the society.

“Every weekend, we visit a different society or market place nearby. We have realised that people have to take their own steps. We are also in the process of providing cloth made bags. We will present our proposal to the residents and if they agree, we will take further steps.” Anita added.

Today, nearly over two dozen residents including children holding banners visited City Plaza, a market in the Gaur City premises.

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