WATCH | Overwhelming response to 'no helmet no fuel' initiative

Photo: twitter
Posted: Jul 02, 2019

There has been an overwhelming response to the directive issued by the district administration to petrol pumps to deny fuel to people without helmet. 

City Spidey did a fact check on the matter whether people are adhering to the new rule. We found that only people, who were wearing helmets, were given fuel by the petrol pumps. 

We came to know that it is the result of the relentless efforts of the officials who have been busy keeping a strict vigil on the petrol pumps in the area.

District Magistrate, BN Singh, is also keeping a close eye on the implementation of the rule and he is also taking necessary steps in time to make it a success.

He had also appealed to the people to follow the rule as it is intended for their own safety. He urged people to wear helmets without fail to lessen the extent of damage in case of accidents.

In June, Section 129 of Motor vehicle Act, 1988 was strictly enforced. As per the Act, wearing helmet is compulsory while riding bike on roads.

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