Eco Village 2: Resident injures himself badly during protest against power cut

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 02, 2019

A resident of Eco Village 2, a residential high rise in Greater Noida West, hit on a window glass of the maintenance office injuring himself badly while protesting against power cut on Monday night. As per report, the resident, who live in tower C of the society, was annoyed with frequent power cuts and shortage of water supply in the towers.

Another resident told City Spidey that repeated power cuts started happening around 9 am and there was a complete power cut by 11 pm in the society. 

The society has three DGs system for power backup, however, one of them was non-functional. The residents whose power supply was connected to the nonfunctional DG had suffer a lot.

Later, around 11 am on Tuesday, a group of residents started protesting and reached out to the maintenance office. Having found no one at the maintenance office, one of them hit on a window glass fixed on wall which caused severe injuries on his hand. 

“After the incident, the injured person was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment,” said a resident.

“Before heading towards maintenance office, protesters (residents) threatened security guards to leave the society. They were very angry because of daily security issues along with maintenance services issues,” said a resident requesting not to be named.

On Tuesday morning, police were informed about the incident. “After that incident, maintenance services were partially affected for few hours because several things in the office were damaged by the protesters,” resident said.

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